Photo of Endorser

“Amy will do a superb job as our next state representative. She is passionate, tenacious, and has a proven track record of service to our city. Please join me in voting for Amy!”

Marc laredo, Council President

Photo of Endorser

“I worked with Amy for 8 years on the Newton City Council and I’m excited about her candidacy because she brings passion, commitment, and hard work to the campaign.

Amy was always someone I could discuss issues with and her insights helped make me smarter. Her communication with colleagues and constituents was thorough, and she had the interpersonal skills to understand when to push, when to back off, and when to close the deal. She’ll deliver for her constituents because she’ll work well with colleagues. It’s often the soft skills that make the difference, and Amy has them.”

David Kalis, Newton City Councilor, Ward 8

Photo of Endorser

"Newton Firefighters Association Local 863 has unanimously voted to endorse Amy Sangiolo for Massachusetts State Representative.

We are confident that Amy will work tirelessly to protect our benefits and healthcare, push for more funding for our local departments, and make sure our members have the safety and training that they need."

Newton FireFighters Association

We are strongly supporting

Amy for State Representative!

Dozens of local leaders are standing together!

Photo of Deborah Goldberg

Deborah Goldberg

State Treasurer

Photo of Lisle Baker

Lisle Baker

council President Emeritus

Photo of Alison Leary

Alison Leary

Ward 1 City Councilor

Photo of <p>John Oliver</p>

John Oliver

Ward 1 City Councilor

Photo of <p>Pam Wright</p>

Pam Wright

Ward 3 City council0r

Photo of <p>Andrea Kelley</p>

Andrea Kelley

Ward 3 City councilor

Photo of <p>Julia Anne Malakie</p>

Julia Anne Malakie

Ward 3 City CounCilor

Photo of <p>Alan Lobovits</p>

Alan Lobovits

Ward 6 City Councilor

Current Elected Officials

  • Deborah Goldberg, State Treasurer

  • Marc Laredo, Council President

  • David Kalis, Council Vice President

  • Lisle Baker, Council President Emeritus

  • Alison Leary, Ward 1 City Councilor

  • John Oliver, Ward 1 City Councilor

  • Tarik Lucas, Ward 2 City Councilor

  • David Micley, Ward 2 City Councilor

  • Andrea Kelley, Ward 3 City Councilor

  • Julia Malakie, Ward 3 City Councilor

  • Pam Wright, Ward 3 City Councilor

  • Lenny Gentile, Ward 4 City Councilor

  • Josh Krintzman, Ward 4 City Councilor

  • Randy Block, Ward 4 City Councilor

  • Rena Getz, Ward 5 City Councilor

  • Alan Lobovits, Ward 6 City Councilor

  • Stephen Farrell, Ward 8 City Councilor

  • Rajeev Parlikar, Ward 1 School Committee

  • Anping Shen, Ward 3 School Committee

  • Emily Prenner, Ward 5 School Committee

  • Paul Levy, Ward 6 School Committee

Former Elected Officials

  • Michael Malec, President of the Newton Board Aldermen

  • Steve Grossman, State Treasurer and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

  • Bob Gerst, Ward 1 Alderman

  • Steve Linsky, Ward 2 Alderman

  • Paul Snyder, Ward 3 Alderman

  • Barbara Brousal Glaser, Ward 3 Alderman

  • Jay Harney, Ward 4 City Councilor

  • Chris Markiewicz, Ward 4 City Councilor

  • John Stewart, Ward 4 Alderman

  • John Rice, Ward 5 City Councilor

  • Dick Blazar, Ward 6 Alderman

  • Ken Parker, Ward 6 Alderman

  • Peter Harrington, State Representative

  • Margaret Albright, School Committee

  • Richard Alfred, School Committee

  • Matt Hills, School Committee

  • Peter Karg, Election Commissioner

Community Endorsers

  • Bruce Apotheker, Retired Newton Police Lieutenant

  • Tyrone Powell, Retired Newton Police Officer

  • Terry Altherr

  • Mark Alpert

  • Jeffery Armstrong

  • Susan Blandy

  • Melissa Brown

  • Betty Chan

  • Stella Chin

  • Alan Cole

  • Alison Conant

  • Marcia Cooper

  • Ann Cornaro

  • Rose Day

  • Zach Day

  • Dana D'Agostino 

  • Beverly Droz 

  • Thomas Droz

  • Howard Fineman

  • Shelah Feiss

  • Sally Fleschner

  • Cheryl Forte

  • Gita Foster 

  • Rich Gallogly

  • Gloria Gavris

  • Lori Gans

  • Steve Gans

  • Maureen Grace

  • Ricky Greenly

  • Rob Greenly

  • Kathleen Grieser

  • Ted Gross

  • Barbara Wallace Grossman

  • John Haworth

  • Kate Haworth

  • David Hedison

  • Susannah Heschel

  • Julie Jakubowski

  • Bonnie Katz

  • Ted Kuklinski

  • Doris Lewis

  • Fred Lewis

  • Janet Linder

  • Kathy Laufer

  • Myrna Malec

  • Marian Mandell

  • Rona Mayor 

  • Joan McGrath

  • Josephine McNeil

  • Carie Michael

  • David Michael

  • Natalie Moran

  • Naomi Myrvaagnes

  • Audrey Paek

  • Martin Paley

  • Susan Paley

  • Amanda Park

  • Bob Persons

  • Chris Pitts

  • Maria Plati

  • Lionel Porter

  • Jack Porter

  • Daniel Proskauer

  • Rebecca Proskauer

  • Lynne White Robbins

  • Linda Ross

  • Gary Rucinski

  • Lisa Rucinski

  • Bill Sage

  • Monica Sangiolo

  • Sharon Sasanow

  • Joel Shames

  • Dale Smith

  • Charlie Stover

  • Kit Stover

  • Irene Tanzman