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Our Campaign’s Top Issues

As your city councilor for 20 years, I led on issues that matter to YOU: affordable housing, protecting our environment, investing in our schools, and providing excellent constituent services. We need a partner in the State House who will advocate for the issues that matter to Newton residents.


It is the responsibility of the Commonwealth to ensure that everyone has access to safe, habitable, and inclusive housing. I will work collaboratively with federal, state, and local agencies and organizations to support programs that preserve existing housing and provide incentives to create new affordable housing opportunities, and provide wraparound services to help keep individuals and families


Our residents deserve a safe, modern, well-functioning transportation system, and that includes roads and bridges, as well as our public transportation system - buses, subways, and trains. If we are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, we must provide an alternative to single-occupancy vehicles powered by gasoline. I will be a champion for more public electric vehicle


Climate change is an existential threat facing all of humanity. Massachusetts is considered a leader in climate action thanks to the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act and the 2021 Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy but there is much more to do. Did you know that it is the Commonwealth, not the federal government, that dictates energy policy? Newton is a climate leader, but we


Newton prides itself on the quality of education we provide our students but we know that the needs of students have grown exponentially in the wake of the pandemic. As your State Rep. I will work to direct more resources toward social and emotional learning, mental health support, and funding to pay our teachers and aides competitive wages. We need to ensure that we meet every child where they ar


Rep. Kay Khan has done an outstanding job obtaining funding for important projects in our district, and I look forward to hearing what you see as our pressing needs. I have already heard requests for investments in arts and culture, parks, reducing invasive plants in the Charles River, and helping our small businesses thrive.